One and Four Studio Arena Dress

One and Four Studio is a men’s and womenswear streetwear brand that has a balance of urban style and high-end tailoring. The clothing across all collections is developed from a continuous study of the human form; with sympathy to the movements of the body. One and Four is a unique brand of urban wear designed to fulfill the lifestyle of the curious and edgy minded. With a focus on menswear methodology, the designer aims to cater to a mindful human, that values and curates each piece of their belongings. The brand name, One and Four, is derived from the designers own family; One is herself and four, stands for her four siblings. However, at the essence of the brand, “one” symbolises any person and the four anchoring corners of their life.

The brand aims to be considerate of sustainability. Not only in the fabrics used, but in the amount of products designed. Designer Engy Mahdy wanted to create collections that seem plentiful in their layering and volumes, but are actually comprised of a few unisex pieces that can be worn in several ways. She truly believes sustainability comes mostly from monitoring the amount of production and the durability of the items made. Hence, as usual, focusing heavily on quality. The garments are all comfortable, practical and always respectful of the human form whether male or female.